Birch Residential


You would of been told or would have heard it said that “you can’t do business with friends”. In direct refute of this bold statement in 2015 two lifelong friends came together to form Birch Residential in the North West of Sydney. Both from different sides of the construction industry two seperate halves to make one whole. Birch Residential was in a way a culmination and at the same time a new beginning. Since then these two friends have been creating new friendships and creating some beautiful homes along the way.

The premise was simple. To create a home for someone you need to treat them as you would a friend. You need to form a relationship and then balance a design brief, a budget, the construction and ultimately the relationship itself. Balance these things effectively and together you can achieve a great outcome.

Why we do what we do is quite difficult to answer. Why is a person passionate about something at all? Why look at something over and over until its “perfect”? Why the extra nail? The clearest answer I can afford you is that we love designing and building homes and it is important to us that we get it right.

The how is easier. We don’t believe in terms like “cheap” or “luxury” alternatively for us there is simply “the right way”. Regardless of budget the quality of materials should never be compromised. Consideration to aesthetics in design balanced with knowledge of correct and current construction methods. A designer with the ability to be held accountable to a budget, a builder who is considerate to the original design brief. A home that stands out due to its uniqueness regardless of the level of finish.